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ECO coins are earned through sustainable actions. Reserve your account today.

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ECO coins are earned through sustainable actions

Eating meat-free meals, switching to a green energy provider or riding a bike to work can earn you ECOs which you can spend in our new sustainable marketplace to buy ecological experiences, services and goods. This is a new way to track, measure and reward sustainability so that now you can do good and get paid.

ECO coins are stored in digital wallets accessible through a mobile platform. Sustainable actions are verified by inspectors, through smart IOT integration (e.g. a smart thermostat linked to your phone) and by certified vendors.


A currency for any context


We aim to reconnect our economy and ecology

When you cut a tree and sell the wood, you will earn money. When you plant a tree, you are creating value, but you won’t get paid. Our ecology and economy are out of balance. We have already begun designing and implementing a digital currency to both value and reward ecological action. Our next step is to create a global cryptocurrency to decentralise the ECO coin and back it with sustainable assets starting with trees.

The ECO coin whitepaper contains

  • Best practise for sustainable blockchain protocols

    Validation and verification of actions carried out

    A living currency backed by sustainable assets

    A democratic governance model through a DAC


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Celebrating ecological heroes around the world

Each year we search the globe for people and projects that have outstandingly contributed to make this planet a more sustainable place and honor them with our  Award. Previous winners of the award include Yoyo Yogasmana for his work in Indonesia sharing sustainable farming techniques and Dave Hakkens for his open source recycling machines Sandra Ray for her work on bioluminescence and Elzelinde van Doleweerd for uprinting waste food.

So what are we looking for in a nominee exactly? We  search for people working on projects that are  community driven, use nature and technology in an innovative way and that share their knowledge with others. Already have someone in mind for this year? Let us know here.

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